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An independent Membership Network working with HR Professionals to transform the way HR is delivered in the workplace, through coaching, mentoring and collaboration with peers.

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Helping Successful Businesses Since 2005

We have been transforming the way HR is delivered in workplaces. We are passionate about the development of independent HR Consultants and In-Company HR Professionals and understand what it is like to run a business with a lot of different priorities.

It can be challenging for businesses to choose an outsourced HR Consultant and we will help you to develop your personal and professional growth.

TalkHR Club

Are you ready to run your HR business differently?  The TalkHR Club provides a safe environment for independent HR Consultants to foster personal and professional growth and development.

TalkHR Coach

So you want to increase your confidence, create more of an impact or position yourself as a change-maker and HR rebel.  Our coaching and mentoring can help you do things differently by providing support and encouraging learning for In-Company HR Professionals who are ready to do things differently.

TalkHR Marketing

TalkHR Marketing is a library of resources that will start you on your journey from setting up the foundations of your business to how to sell ethically, pitching your HR services to business owners, and increasing your conversion of leads to sales.

TalkHR Resources

Do you want access to tools and methodologies to deliver solutions for business that are practical, timely and effective every time. This HR library saves a great deal of time and money to have tried and tested templates at your disposal.

Mandy Withers has had a long career in HR, change and senior leadership.  Having worked in corporate HR in the pharmaceutical industry and having led many change programmes, Mandy has been running her own HR Consultancy since 2005.

She is passionate about empowering and enabling HR Professionals to be the best that they can be as a person and as a leader.

She says “Everyone is running around asking for permission to dream, to build, to start —and yet, we’re the only ones who hold the power to give it to ourselves.”

Mandy has coached and mentored HR Professionals for many years and knows that a key aspect to achieving what you are capable of, both in life and in business, is mindset.  Her work focuses on your ‘inner game,’ because with the right attitude, the power to influence and a level of personal resilience will make you a better leader, a better person and will achieve better mental well-being.

So, if you are serious about developing yourself, then join like-minded people in a warm and challenging environment and gain the confidence and awareness to take yourself to the next level.

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Calling all HR Professionals – Organisational transformation has become a way of life for organisations in a rapidly changing world, often with less money to achieve the desired outcome.

Organisation transformation if done well can have positive impacts but if it is delivered poorly can have serious consequences.

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